How to interpret the perfect Tifa?

 If you are an experienced gamer, then you will not know “Final Fantasy”. This is a global classic game brand that was launched in 1997 and sold 100 million sets.

 The reason why it is so popular may be “feeling.” Every time you play “Final Fantasy”, you will have a different experience, just like you have different feelings at each stage of your life. Even if you no longer play games, they will be precious memories of the previous generation of players. The re-production brings a completely different feel to these classic IPs, allowing players to play the latest games of different eras.

 Speaking of the popular character in this game, it must be Tifa Lockhart. With her outstanding appearance, passionate figure, beauty and wisdom, she also excels in courage and power discovery. Therefore, Tifa Lockhart (Tifa Lockhart) role playing also plays an important role in the role playing circle.

 Understanding the role background is the first step in a role-playing game. She is a childhood friend of Claude Streep. The two have known each other since childhood. Later, she opened a bar called “Seventh Heaven” on Seventh Street in Midgar. It is also the secret base of the avalanche. The bar was later destroyed by God Loren Seventh Street. The new bar was built in Edge City, AC.

In the second step, you need to understand her related role-playing costumes.


As a sexy goddess, sexy clothes must of course not be absent, it is a magic weapon. There are two layers of vests, inside and outside. The lower layer is a black vest and the outside is a white vest, all with short umbilical cords. The fabric ensures skin-friendliness and breathability. The great thing is that this vest is not only easy to buy, but also can be worn every day without exaggeration, and even a whole outfit can be worn every day.

Mini skirt

Mini skirts are just a girl’s favorite. Black miniskirts are neither error-prone nor universal. Sexy and charming.


The belt is also one of Tifa’s clothing symbols. We chose to use dark brown leather belts, and there is a cool and cool dick denim.

Red booty

Red is a color that might be mistaken for black and white. It avoids the boredom of black and white, adds bright colors, and is suddenly attractive.

Wrist guards, elbow guards and gloves

These three are to prevent injuries in close combat. The colors of gloves and boots echo each other.

Little yellow duck accessories

Little yellow duck and Tifa’s sexy temperament do not match, which creates a visual contrast. This contrast highlights the lovely side of the goddess Tifa, which can be seen everywhere in shops. Maybe your child can use him as a toy.

Even if you don’t have a beautiful face and perfect body, it doesn’t matter. As a perfect goddess with stunts, the most important thing is of course self-confidence. By competing with her, I believe you can also find a better self. Confidently put on Tifa’s cosplay costume, go to the comic show, to the Halloween party, show yourself!