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Swiss ETA -Replica – Is a Minute Repeater Out Of Tune?

All this directly come down to a simple question, just like all this sort questions that plagued many experts in this field: is a minute repeater watch out of tune? If the answer is sure, then could it be bring back to normal? In the high-end Swiss watches, there are several top goals that those excellent watch producers tried their best to achieve, such as perpetual calendar, minute repeater, and great material that could not changes with time.

But unfortunately, such pursues often go in vain, and a gentle falling could destroy the business that has been done over three centuries. Nothing in the world is perpetual and the paradox is that under the unstable world, complicated minute repeater watch is the most stable thing. Unless take the gong out of its original, otherwise the minute repeater would not be out of tune. Maybe some screws go loose after suffering from shock or other collision, but it rare happens. Even it happens, it can be screwed to tight again. But now comes the second risk. Just like bell that are knocked, that maybe lead to the slight distort, so does the gong. In this situation, will it be out of tune? “It won’t happen in our watches, as we have specially design, exclusive system”, Chrostophe Claret said, nipping this risk in the bud.

The mission for the whole watch industry in the world is to predict the unexpected occasion. When the minute repeater is out of tune, will there be any solution to restore it, just like what we do to the violin. This question befuddles Mr.Claret, as there is no cases like this before. Technically, re-testing a gong comes more complicated than replacing one, which means that every gongs is crisp and they also need to make sure that they works harmoniously.