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High Quality Replica Watches -Replica Breguet Tradition 7047

Bregeut Tradition 7047 has a turriform tourbillon fitting with an automatic winding Replica Breguet 569 movement whose energy reserve system has been filed patent. A special system across the 10 o’clock can reserve the energy on the barrels and such a big size can hold how separate barrels at the same time. In addition, Replica Breguet’s titanium rotor has patented in 2004.

Turriform gear Driven System
Turriform gear Driven System can enhance the stability of the speed of the movement, so that movement can runs smoothly in a constant speed no matter how and what degree the main barrels are wound up to (because some mechanical watch may be different due to the force that we wind up). The Turriform gear Driven System contains one differential gear which could transport energy constantly to the movement. when the main barrel are wound up, its tractor reaches the peak and a chain connecting the barrel and turriform gear will run around the narrowest part of turriform gear; on the contrary, when the main barrel is loose, the tractor reduces and become weak, the chain runs around the widest part of the turriform gear. As Replica Breguet Tradition 7047 applies a crown gear, the performance of winding system improves and the sensitivity increases.

Tradition Roman numbers and the common Replica Breguet hands remind us of the founder of Replica Breguet. On the center of the dial carved the Clou-de-Paris pattern, showing it ultra-exquisite technology and skills. That the three blue steel screws fix the dial pays tribute to the Souscripton, a famous watch developed by Replica Breguet several centuries ago. See-through, contrary, and rilievo meet criterion in every aspect and thus brings every part of its component alive. Round crystal surface shows its highly-polishing protruding part and enhance every part of the watch.

Breguet Classique Chronom¨¦trie 7727

Breguet keeps being innovative and pioneering on the development of new watches, particularly the development on the new techniques and new materials. In the past 10 years, over 100 patents come from Breguet and most of them are related to the measurement of time and sound system. On November 7th, 2010, the patent of Magnetic Pivot from Breguet has been effective. This patent is releated to the magnetic technology, which is the first time that Breguet applied magnetics to improve the accuracy. In the new Classique Chronometrie 7727 you will see that amazing skills.

But the great achievement on 7727 should be the application of Magnetic Pivot, which might be more popular years later. Magnetic Pivot can control the negative influence from magnetic field and reverse it to be positive to improve the rotation and stability of balance wheel. What’s more this system serves as shock absorber. So the balance wheel can be immune from gravity, thus contributing to a high precision.

574DR itself is a great invention, so the case needs to be redesigned to match the class. There is a small second counter at 12 o’clock and the power reserve indicator is set at o’clock. The unique shock absorber makes hands run smooth and causes no influence on balance wheel. Parechute shock absorber is placed at 2 o’clock, which once again shows masters’ perspective on 1790, and makes watch thinner. Every small details could tell Breguet’s delicate watch-making skills. The dial is engraved with six different patterns, such as the Cotes de Gen¨¨ve on the central counter, Clous de Paris on the small second counter, Sunray brushing, etc. Polishing Breguet hands, case made of rose gold and white gold, are engraved with graceful coin pattern. Welding lug, unique serial number and hidden Breguet signature shapes an exquisite look, and makes this watch of waterproof to 30 meters a precious art work.